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Price and installation



The price of the food trailer consists of several parts, the price of the trailer (which you can calculate using our calculator ), stainless steel furniture and gastronomic equipment. What will be the price of stainless steel furniture and equipment, we will be able to answer only during the commercial offer, after listening to your idea and fully discussing the project.


1. Before starting a conversation, the client should already know what activities he intends to carry out. After listening      customer needs, we offer our technical solutions, we confirm the installation         the list of equipment and the locations of the equipment in the food trailer.

2.  After harmonization of all technical solutions, we do a visualization of the project. 

Food trailer planning, food trailer, food trailer, food trailer furniture, food trailer interior.

3.  An estimate of the project work is made.

Payment and negotiation are discussed            conditions, a contract for the execution of        works is signed.

food trailer estimate, food trailer price, commercial trailer price, commercial trailer estimate, food trailer.

4.  Experienced and qualified craftsmen who know their job well will make and install your trailer.

About the trailer

Food trailer chassis, 195/55 R10C 98/96N



The chassis is made of a strong steel galvanized frame construction. Torsion trailer suspension with 195/55 R10C 98 / 96N wheels.



The trailer is made of a sturdy yet lightweight aluminum construction that helps make it one of the lightest trailer designs on the market. In this way, the customer gets the maximum weight reserve for production equipment.

Food trailer construction
Food trailer flooring, comercial trailer flooring

The floor


HPL (PPL), a high-pressure laminate veneer, is used for the floor. The floor covering is non-slip "PVC" type according to DE standards. 

Walls and roof


Our trailers are made of multilayer (fiberglass, extruded polystyrene, fiberglass)  structural panels with thermal resistance R-0.95.

Walls and roof of food trailer.


All our trailers are equipped according to each customer's need. Each customer decides where one or another table or device should be located. At our discretion, we give only the most helpful advice that customers often do not think about. Because this is our everyday kitchen, we know what’s best for our customer. 

Additional options

Food trailer sunroof, food trailer ventilation.



The sunroof is one of the most essential elements, it helps to let in fresh air and remove the accumulated heat, and the daylight that passes through it will provide coziness.

Shelf above the trading window


One option is a shelf above the window. There are many things that need space when working in the kitchen, so a shelf would be the most ideal choice.

Food trailer shelf.
Kliento Lentyna
Food trailer shelf for customers

Customer shelf


The customer rack is a great addition to your food trailer. The customer's shelf will be used to store the purchaser's and the buyer's personal items.

Commercial window


We customize the shopping window according to the needs of each customer. The window can be of different sizes as well as different layouts.

Food trailer commercial window
Food trailer heating, ventilation

Heating - ventilation


The air conditioning system will serve you in both summer and winter. With this system you can both heat the room and cool it. This solution will take care of the perfect working air temperature.

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