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1. Skylight


2. Shelf with LED

DSC_6718 Lentyna Virs Lango B.jpg

3. Customer shelf

20200902_211848 Kliento lentyna B.jpg

4. Aluminum window

Aliuminio konstrukcija.jpg

5. Air conditioning / heating

Oras - Oras B.jpg

6. Steam collector

DSC_0746-Edit Garu Istraukimas B.jpg

7. Wardrobe


10. Gas system

Dujų sistema.jpg

12. Protection against heat

DSC_3742-Edit Sienos apsauga nuo karscio.jpg

8. Insulated floor

Apsiltintos Grindys copy.jpg

9. Inspection doors

DSC_6352-Edit Revizines.jpg

11. Water system

Vandens sistema.jpg

13. Promotional sides

*The price is without VAT. This amount does not include interior furniture and catering equipment. Your selections can be adjusted later. If you have any questions, please contact us by e-mail. by mail: or by phone: +37066555666 

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