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UAB Fornesa is an innovative company that specializes exclusively in food, promo, trade, and not only trailer manufacturing. We are proud of our innovative solutions, high quality of work and professional employees. The main branch of the company there are trailers adapted for cooking and trade. Long-term work experience, since 2008, in this field has allowed us to offer the customers the best, quality and price relationship. All manufactured trailers are assembled according to the needs of each customer.

Food trailer

Our company is happy that food trucks and food trailers are rapidly gaining popularity in Lithuania.  

On average, the company's production department produces more than a dozen trailers and food vans for special and commercial purposes, which are ordered by customers in Lithuania and other European countries. Food trailers made by us can be seen in the Baltic States, Scandinavia, and even America.

You can find out the costs of the trailer by using our calculator.  



Turime vietoje!
7 800.00 Eur + PVM

Trailer models

Maža priekaba pagaminta ir pritaikyta žuvininkystei arba žvejybai. Priekaba iki 750kg. Žvejų priekaba.
3 m ilgio maisto priekaba. Maisto gamybai ir prekybai iš jo skirta maisto priekaba. Maisto priekabų gamyba ir pardavimas.
4m ilgio maisto priekaba skirta maisto gamybai ir prekybai iš jos. Mūsų įmonė užsiema maisto priekabų gamyba ir pardavimu.
Maisto priekaba skirta ir pritaikyta maisto gamybai ir prekybai iš jos.
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In my opinion, the best manufacturers of food trailers in the Baltic countries, considering the price and quality, you will not find better. If you are really interested in how the whole process is going and you clearly state your wishes, all of them will be fulfilled in abundance. (Ig/fb foal's dream) soon you will be able to look at the photos of the manufactured trailer where you will not find a single flaw in terms of quality. It's really nice that there is such a company in Lithuania, which is not afraid to accept non-standard projects.  Many thanks to them.


UAB Fornesa A++ ABALT certificate
UAB Fornesa A++ ABALT certificate
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Our clients



Everything you need to know about food trailers

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